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Thank you for taking the time to migrate your account to the Consolidated Communications domain.

The first step is to enter in your current username and password for your primary account. This should be the username that was used to setup the original account if it has not been changed. All other email accounts will fall under this account as a child account.

* Email Username:
* Email Password:

Example: If is your email, your username is "john".
Your password is the password you have put in your email program, such as outlook, that corresponds to you username. If you have not changed your password it will be the same as when you first ordered the service. If you need your password reset please call technical support at 724-940-4357 and they can help you with this.
If your username is already in use in the Consolidated domain you will need to choose a new username, which will be your new email address also.

You will have the choice of forwarding your old address to your new address during the process.

As an added benefit to moving to the Consolidated domain, you will receive free SPAM and Virus filtering for a full year.